Our project apologizes for the absence of the project. From now on, I will bring the project back to life and reach you with a really good project. KTK Token(ERC-20) will soon start swap to RKX(TRC-20)

About Us
Why swap to TRC-20

About RKX(TRC-20)

The official wallet of our project has been hacked. Therefore, we have decided to change the coin to prevent further coin problems, secure transactions, and to continue our stable business. In addition, due to the high commission of ERC-20, we have decided to change it to TRC-20 for smoother and higher usability.

Listed Market (KTK)

Allocation Information

Early Investor - 0.17% (1,000,000)

Early Investor will receive token as profit.

Staking & Mining - 58.2% (349,200,000)

Staking Reward & Mining Reward will be only way of generating new token

KTK Token Swap - 16.63% (99,800,000)

Token Swap from KTK(ERC-20) to RKX(TRC-20)

NFT Allocation - 10% (60,000,000)

NFT Holders will have rights of foundation managements & Votes

Team & Company - 15% (66,000,000)

Team - 1% || Founder - 5% || Company Reserve 5%

Investment security - 4% (24,000,000)

Investments to overseas security