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The First METAVERSE Platform That Offers Rewards

Key to the REAL METAVERSE that offers reward and the platforms helps investors and pariticipants to make easy to connect Virtual Reality.

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Our Project

Why choose our

Ownerable Land Asset

Start your experience for metaverse from owning land asset. Land asset holds many usage and values

Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality Metaverse will lead you to realistic experience

Stream & Donations

Video streaming Content will overcome the limitation of formal metaverse system.

Virtual Business Partnerships

Individual business partners in our world can advertise, sell assets in both realitie

Historial NFT

Collectable NFTs that stands for Land Marks and historial legacies from the reward of metaverse quests will be linked to next experience.

  • Pre-Sales: 0.601%
  • Community: 5.393%
  • Company Reserve: 29.01%
  • Founders: 10.50%
  • Team: 4%
  • Marketing: 5%
  • Partnership: 5.13%
  • Mining: 40.366%

1 KTK = 0.00081268 ETH

Total Pre-Sales amount of KTK are limited to 10M. Once Pre-Sales are done, we will move on to next step to Market Listing

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OUr Roadmap

KTK Strategy &
Project Plan

END of Q4 2022

Minable Application Launch

Minable application Launch on Angroid 1st Pre-Sales Begin
Mid of Q1 2023

Version 2 Open

Land Sales Market Opening World map opening and Official 2nd Updated app lauch
Mid of Q2 2023

App beta test

Public testnet launch
Centralized Market Listing
Mid of Q3 2023

Social & Interaction Contents

Trading Market Opening Pet Breeding System Update Trading Market Opening
Mid of Q1 2024

Version 3 Open

Land Mark System Open Memorial Service Open
End of Q3 2024

AI Test Migration

Test network for AI Game management system open Additional Centralized Exchange launch Public incentivize testnet
Mid of Q1 2025

Mainnet development

Mainnet development begin K-World Film Festival Launch Unique historial Quest launch

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Jeong Bin Kim

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